Top Five Literary Villains

Everybody loves a baddie. This was the hardest top five list I’ve had to narrow down yet. Villains are often more fun to read than the heroes. Just think about every actor interview you’ve ever seen where they say that it’s definitely more fun to play the bad guy. The same is true of reading. A villain done right is often more compelling than most of those one dimensional goody-goody heroes. Even as a kid, one of my favorite Disney characters was Hades. Also, I should note, these are villains in my sense of the word, some people may view some of these as merely antagonists. Continue reading


Top Five Worst Literary Couples

I just posted my top best couples, so now we obviously need a worst list. I don’t mean the messed up ones like, Jamie & Cersi Lannister. I also don’t mean the boring ones that just never had chemistry. These are more controversial choices. Couples that a lot of people love & for good reason, but I just don’t like. I’m sure some of these are beloved by others, so I’m anticipating some backlash. Continue reading

Top Five Best Literary Couples

Fictional romances are tricky because they have a duty to represent an epic, specific kind of love. They must display the larger than life feelings of being love, but be realistic enough that they’re still felt by the reader, still human. They must be tried & tested & whether or not the characters survive, their love must be the satisfaction that carries out our hope. I spent some time thinking about who my favorite fictionalized couples were. A lot of them were from movies, Moulin Rouge‘s Christian & Satine, or from history, Bonnie & Clyde, or even cartoon’s, Lady & the Tramp. But the literary ones could not be narrowed down, so I chose five. There are potentially spoilers in here, I guess? So read at your own discretion. Continue reading