Capstone Survey

I haven’t posted in a very long time. This is because balancing internships, jobs, and classwork that all require reading, is time consuming. So although, I’ve been reading a lot, I haven’t been reviewing a lot. I still try to post a star review on Goodreads and at least an update on books I’ve gotten on Instagram. But I don’t want to post reviews unless I’m going to do it right.

However! I need you people! I am trying to graduate from my publishing program this fall, which means I need to complete a capstone project. My capstone centers around the overlap between books and other forms of media and pop-culture, with an emphasis on music. I’ll end up posting a mini-version of it on here once it’s done (and hopefully more of my papers once I graduate). But for right now I’m still just trying to collect enough data to get a fair sample size.

The problem is that a lot of my data is coming from the same place, NYC, and it’s very skewed. So PLEASE, even if you don’t have any interest in my topic, take my survey!

Click here! It’s not long! I might even do a giveaway eventually for non-anonymous responses!


Twitterature: Black Box by Jennifer Egan

In computing, a black box is any device which can be viewed in terms of transferring information in & out, without any knowledge of its internal workings. Because of this broad definition, it has been said that almost anything might be referred to as a black box: a transistor, an algorithm, or even the human brain.

What originally started as an apology to her Twitter followers for accidental spam, turned into a popular spy-thriller. The story itself is deceivingly simple. It follows a beautiful female spy in the futuristic South of France. It manages to include patriotism, gender issues, racial prejudices, & more, without ever feeling like it’s jabbing opinions at you. Continue reading

Top Five Literary Villains

Everybody loves a baddie. This was the hardest top five list I’ve had to narrow down yet. Villains are often more fun to read than the heroes. Just think about every actor interview you’ve ever seen where they say that it’s definitely more fun to play the bad guy. The same is true of reading. A villain done right is often more compelling than most of those one dimensional goody-goody heroes. Even as a kid, one of my favorite Disney characters was Hades. Also, I should note, these are villains in my sense of the word, some people may view some of these as merely antagonists. Continue reading

Top Five Worst Literary Couples

I just posted my top best couples, so now we obviously need a worst list. I don’t mean the messed up ones like, Jamie & Cersi Lannister. I also don’t mean the boring ones that just never had chemistry. These are more controversial choices. Couples that a lot of people love & for good reason, but I just don’t like. I’m sure some of these are beloved by others, so I’m anticipating some backlash. Continue reading

Top Five Best Literary Couples

Fictional romances are tricky because they have a duty to represent an epic, specific kind of love. They must display the larger than life feelings of being love, but be realistic enough that they’re still felt by the reader, still human. They must be tried & tested & whether or not the characters survive, their love must be the satisfaction that carries out our hope. I spent some time thinking about who my favorite fictionalized couples were. A lot of them were from movies, Moulin Rouge‘s Christian & Satine, or from history, Bonnie & Clyde, or even cartoon’s, Lady & the Tramp. But the literary ones could not be narrowed down, so I chose five. There are potentially spoilers in here, I guess? So read at your own discretion. Continue reading

Reading Challenges

With the new year comes new expectations! New standards for the months ahead! That means reading challenges. I personally love them. All of them. I’ve changed the style of the way I set these challenges for myself over the years. I think it’s a great discussion topic because there’s often some sort of shift when they aren’t completed. Or sometimes they are completed, but the pressure of it sucked all the fun out of it & became stressful instead. But mostly I wanted to get ideas for the different ways we can enhance our reading abilities or experiences in the upcoming year & get some feedback from you guys. So here are some types of challenges I’ve tried. Continue reading

2015 Year in Review

2015 is over! I edited down the full Year in Review Post because the other just seems too long. I also tried not to use the same book twice for most of the questions.

Overall, the year has been crazy so I’m really proud of what I’ve read compared to the hectic changes that have been happening in my life. I feel like certain books just come to you at the right time you were meant to read them & I definitely felt that way with a lot of the books I’ve read this year. Continue reading

Book Gift Guide

So this post comes from my personal experience ordering books for my friends & family. Everything on this list is a present I actually ordered for somebody, or considered ordering. This being said, a lot of my friends don’t read (blasphemy, I know), so alot of these categories overlap on the same person. I do not have endless friends as this list suggests. But I stand by my choices.

I’m normally pretty good at picking out which books certain people will like, & for that I thank my time working in a bookshop with very picky customers. I tried to make sure most of the books were as recently released as possible, with some exceptions. Books make perfect gifts because if you find the right one, that person will never, ever forget you gave it to them. Continue reading

Black Friday Book Haul!

I may have gone a bit overboard on bookoutlet. I swear they’re not paying me to say this, but they are amazing. But their prices are already so low, plus they took 30% off everything, plus you got a coupon for $5 via email!

This was also my first experience ever ordering from them, so I went down my TBR list on Goodreads & just added every title I found to my cart. The most I spent on a book in this entire haul was $4.19. Meanwhile most of these books were list priced at over $20.00 each. Major savings. The majority of them were also bought in hardcover.

Also, add me on Snapchat if you like unboxings because that’s pretty much what I use Snapchat for. It’s wholly dedicated to my bookish stuff, so I don’t post too many personal stories. Just lots of shelfies, quotes, coffee cups, & what not. The packages will probably start coming in next week, so follow me @ReinReads

In no particular order, my Black Friday book haul: Continue reading