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Hello! Welcome to reinreads. My name is Alysyn & while back I had a booktube channel that I put on hiatus. I really missed talking about books so I brought back this old thing.

On this blog you’ll see a love for parentheses & an odd attachment to ampersands. I have a habit of ending most sentences with “& what not…” My reviews here are 100% my own. I don’t use a rating system, I only use the star system on Goodreads. Instead, these reviews will share my likes & dislikes. I like reading books from every genre. Fiction, Entertainment, Arts & Photography, Fantasy, Non-fiction, New Adult, YA, Children’s, & Biographies are some of my favorites. I post a lot of bookish playlists. I’m a grad student at NYU & sometimes do fun stuff so that’ll be on here as well. While I used to be a Design major, after several switches, I landed a BA in English & am now pursuing my Master’s in Publishing. I do freelance editing and have won the Kay Kier prize for American literature. I volunteer for Ugly Duckling Presse with their chapbook binding. I also interned at The Center for Fiction a non-profit library/bookstore & a center for writers. I currently intern with Hotchkiss and Associates.

Ultimately, I just like nerding out about this stuff with people so feel free to poke around & comment.

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44 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. We can totally be online friends. 🙂 not enough of my irl friends even like reading. They can’t imagine reading as much I do… Or that i own over 300 print books and more on my kindle…

    So hi!!!


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