Capstone Survey

I haven’t posted in a very long time. This is because balancing internships, jobs, and classwork that all require reading, is time consuming. So although, I’ve been reading a lot, I haven’t been reviewing a lot. I still try to post a star review on Goodreads and at least an update on books I’ve gotten on Instagram. But I don’t want to post reviews unless I’m going to do it right.

However! I need you people! I am trying to graduate from my publishing program this fall, which means I need to complete a capstone project. My capstone centers around the overlap between books and other forms of media and pop-culture, with an emphasis on music. I’ll end up posting a mini-version of it on here once it’s done (and hopefully more of my papers once I graduate). But for right now I’m still just trying to collect enough data to get a fair sample size.

The problem is that a lot of my data is coming from the same place, NYC, and it’s very skewed. So PLEASE, even if you don’t have any interest in my topic, take my survey!

Click here! It’s not long! I might even do a giveaway eventually for non-anonymous responses!


One thought on “Capstone Survey

  1. I’ve just submitted my response. 🙂

    I am attempting to get into the publishing industry (UK- basically London) so I’ve been busy doing internships as well, and hoping that my job applications are successful!

    Good luck with your Capstone survey!!


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