Movie Game by Michael Ebner

I consider myself a frequent movie watcher. I’ve seen more than some people my age, but I’m certainly not a movie buff with the authority to quote French noir or every American classic. & there are times when I’m not sure if the main character Joe is qualified either. He actually doesn’t even get Tyler Durden’s name right at one point. Whether this was an editing typo, or intentional (it wasn’t) I’m not sure.

Joe (claims he’s) is a movie buff. He stalks people out of theaters & reprimands them if they talk during the film. After he has sex with a girl, he watches films off her laptop for hours in her bathroom. & most importantly, he plays “the movie game” with his friends every week at a local joint. It’s a slight rift from the game where you name an actor or actress & must name another actor/actress with the first letter of the last letter of the previously mentioned name. In this version, you must name a film, the next says a person who plays a role in that film, then the name of a film that person has starred in, & so on & so on.

Joe’s got a lot of problems, a few he’s not even aware of. He’s got an absentee father, a mother who ran off, a sister who won’t leave him to pursue her Parisian dreams because she’s so worried about him, a side-chick who has a boyfriend, & a dream girl who toys with him by forcing him to read an incredibly intellectual & long book before they can sleep together. Continue reading

20 Love Poems for 10 Months by Mary Austin Speaker

First off, I’d like to point out this is dedicated to Chris Martin, who, if it’s the same Chris Martin I’m thinking of, is a hysterical choice since he’s the lead singer of Coldplay. If it turns out that Mary Austin Speaker’s husband is actually just coincidentally named Chris Martin, I apologize…but it’s still funny.

This is a collection of ridiculously short poems, not all of them particularly well written, but there are a few which stuck with me & I felt the need to Instagram. Continue reading