The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater

Stiefvater, you sly minx. You’ve done it again. There’s just no way that I can’t love this.

IMG_5161I have a fear of spoiling absolutely anything, but I’ll just start with a disclaimer that I am an incredibly biased fangirl of this entire series. I want endless scenes of these characters doing nothing from day to day. I want to know where they are fifty years later, what they were like as babies, what their favorite movies/colors/songs are. (Nope. Wait. We already know. It’d be the Murder Squash Song.)

I love my copy of this book I received from Fountain Bookstore, located in Richmond, VA. Maggie signed each one with a cute skull king & it also came with a drawing from her &  bookmark.

I’ve reviewed the other three in this series, so if you’re new to The Raven Cycle then click here.

If not then read on, but be warned of SPOILERS.

Stiefvater pulled a JKRowling on us! Gansey dies, but not really. Thank the lord, that would’ve been an extremely depressing ending, & more importantly would not have fit this magical wonderful series at all.

The Adam/Ronan ship has officially set sail & I am on it. I was unsure of how she was going to make this believable since we start out with Adam & Blue, but it played out perfectly & effortlessly.

I do wish that we got a bit more about Blue’s mom since she was so absent, but such an important part of the last book. But we do get an adorable scene with her father where we find out Blue’s love of trees extends beyond just decorating her room with leaves.

In book two, I felt slightly annoyed that Ronan was getting so much attention, but he has grown into my favorite character. He’s probably the most fleshed out in comparison to the rest, possibly even more so than Blue. Though Gansey will always have a place as the perfect guy in my heart, Ronan has become the character I’ll most miss once the glow of reading this for the hundredth time has worn off.

I really enjoyed the writing style in this one. In the beginning it felt like forced, by directly addressing the reader multiple times, “depending on where you began the story,” I thought it might pull me out of the plot. But it had the exact opposite effect, the repetitive phrase ended up giving me chills toward the end.

It was exactly what I wanted as a fan of this series. Closure & satisfaction that my beloved characters are all safe, with bright futures, & able to bask in the warmth & safety of each others’ friendship. I’m so sad it’s all over now, but I look forward to reading whatever Maggie has next for us.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 11.56.48 PM

Also, if anybody wants to buy me this candle…that’d be great. Thanks.

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