My Personal Life Update: semi-relevant if you care about books

Hello! So I never do posts like this, but I wanted to explain why I’ve been posting less lately. I know few people will care about this, so if you don’t, just skip this post, move on, & expect none of my future posts to be like this ever again.

For those who are interested, I started grad school! This is possibly relevant to my fellow readers because it’s NYU’s Publishing program.

It is incredibly intense, & wonderful, & amazing. All of my professors currently work in the industry, so not only do we get hands on experience tales & insider information, but perks also include free books! One of my professors is even the Editor in Chief of Penguin. I’ve also met the Editor in Chief of Europa Editions, the Marketing Director of Little, Brown, & the production manager of Ugly Duckling Presse.

But I’ve met authors too. Last week we heard a talk with Erik Larson, David Baldacci, Alice Hoffman, & Jeff Kinney. Follow my Snapchat for more information on events like those. (I also went to Library at the Hudson the other night & it was like a book lover’s dream).

However, there’s a lot of reading, & a lot of scrambling, & overall, very little time to post on this blog that I started for fun. So while I’m still reading the same amount of books, the reviews will probably just be posted at later dates.

If any of you have questions about the program or are interested in learning more, leave a comment because I’ve been talking about it nonstop since I started. I’ve had a surge of topic ideas since I started taking classes there as well. So expect a lot of poll-type questions for you guys in the future.

Update: I’ve decided to do posts about this on my other blog since it feels more personal. But Sleep No More Book Club Posts will go on this site

10 thoughts on “My Personal Life Update: semi-relevant if you care about books

  1. Wow how amazing your journey at the NYU now! And all the people you’ve met and inspirational talks and so on!
    Though you have less time for posting, maybe you can make subpart somewhere on your blog to tell about your journey as a – I would call it – ‘Student behind the book scenes’. Something like that.

    Last not but least: most important thing is enjoying life, loving what you do. Secondly comes maybe the blog haha. It can make life even more enjoyable.

    Greetings by Sophie

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