Vicious by V.E. Schwab

Vicious by V.E. Schwab chronicles the tale of Eli & Victor, two best friends torn apart by an inhuman desire to be “special” & immortal. It shifts back & forth between present day & their college years for the first half of the book, before ultimately staying in the present. Many people have compared it to X-Men, but it could just as easily be related to basically any superhero origin story. Instead of mutants, there’s the possible existence of EO’s, or Extra-Ordinaries.xmen.gif

My favorite bits were the flashbacks, & I think there wasn’t nearly enough of them. The big turning point (no spoilers) happens so quickly, it gives the characters no time to emotionally process anything, although perhaps that’s the point since these characters end up being so devoid of human feeling that they can’t even feel grief. I love characters who aren’t “nice guys” though, so this made them more interesting. I just wish they would’ve spent a little more time on the major scene that caused this huge identity change for both of them.esclated.gif

The parts set in present day completely change your perception of the characters, which was great. The “villain” of this story is probably one of my favorites. There’s also a dog. Who doesn’t love dogs?

It’s best to read this one without knowing much. If the initial premise appeals to you, definitely read it. It was a great story, even if it was a bit unoriginal. For those of your deterred by the supposed “love triangle,” it’s really non-existent & serves only to supply more of a motive for one of the character’s decisions, but it also fits his personality, so it makes sense. The ending was phenomenal. I know a lot of people hated it because it sort of ends abruptly, but it was such a cinematic, perfect-last-shot moment.

I think the problem for me with this one was just that it was way too over-hyped. It’s great, but I don’t think I’d ever pick it off my shelf again. That being said, this would make an awesome movie. I’m talking chapter to chapter, little change to be made, perfect screenplay right here.

What’d you guys think? Should I read A Darker Shade of Magic? I heard a lot of people like that better, plus it’s a series.



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