My Personal Life Update: semi-relevant if you care about books

Hello! So I never do posts like this, but I wanted to explain why I’ve been posting less lately. I know few people will care about this, so if you don’t, just skip this post, move on, & expect none of my future posts to be like this ever again.

For those who are interested, I started grad school! This is possibly relevant to my fellow readers because it’s NYU’s Publishing program. Continue reading


Vicious by V.E. Schwab

Vicious by V.E. Schwab chronicles the tale of Eli & Victor, two best friends torn apart by an inhuman desire to be “special” & immortal. It shifts back & forth between present day & their college years for the first half of the book, before ultimately staying in the present. Many people have compared it to X-Men, but it could just as easily be related to basically any superhero origin story. Instead of mutants, there’s the possible existence of EO’s, or Extra-Ordinaries. Continue reading

Shylock Is My Name by Howard Jacobson

As an English major graduate, I think I know a little more Shakespeare than, say, a Biology major. But even in my English classes, where students read obscure Balzac books or overjoyed talking about Tolstoy’s War & Peace, a lot of my peers hated the bard. Even a handful of my professors found him overrated, opting instead for more Marlowe.

I adore Shakespeare. I think he’s a genius & untouchable, & as much as I dreaded being required to read “Hamlet” for the fourth time instead of maybe “King Lear” for a class just once?, I still got excited for Act 3, Scene 1.

So imagine my happiness when I found out Hogarth Press is publishing this Hogarth Shakespeare collection! Modern day tellings & reimagined versions of classic Shakespeare plays. Continue reading