Top Five Worst Literary Couples

I just posted my top best couples, so now we obviously need a worst list. I don’t mean the messed up ones like, Jamie & Cersi Lannister. I also don’t mean the boring ones that just never had chemistry. These are more controversial choices. Couples that a lot of people love & for good reason, but I just don’t like. I’m sure some of these are beloved by others, so I’m anticipating some backlash.

5. Hermione Granger & Ron Weasley

This is only number five because I guess I kind of get it. But yeah, I was a Harry+Hermione shipper when the books were still being released. I’d always hoped… Ah well. When those headlines started coming out about how JK even said that she has since rethought the marriage, I was a little more than slightly happy.


4. Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester

Eh. I didn’t really like the book as a whole, so the love story was bound to bore me. I just don’t understand how nobody likes Jane, meanwhile she’s actually completely likable? I guess this is good for readers who don’t want to read an entirely shitty character, but it doesn’t even make sense to me. The sad thing is that I should love Mr. Rochester. He’s considered a Byronic hero & I tend to drift toward those brooding, cynical, yet minimally chivalrous types. But he is just awful. I feel like their relationship courting is full of childish games & dishonesty, & the book would be a hell of a lot shorter if they both just cut the bullshit.


Not you, Fassbender, you are a beautiful creature.

3. Peeta Mellark & Katniss Everdeen

Because Team Gale. Nuff said. How does Katniss even do that to him? Especially in the first book when he’s taking care of her family, while she’s off making out with baker boys. I actually took a Children’s Literature course in college & there are actual intellectual essays on this stuff. Let’s be real though, we’re all actually Team Finnick.


2. Othello & Desdemona

They’re hailed as this awesome love story. But dude, you need to chill the fuck out. You killed her cause some evil dude convinced you she cheated on you? (Which spoilers, she didn’t.) That’s way harsh. I don’t care what kind of honor driven power trip you’re on. Then you go & kill yourself? But really, why isn’t the phrase hell hath no fury like a man scorned?

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 10.33.45 PM

1. Romeo Montague & Juliet Capulet

I’m a romantic in the most non-cynical sense when it comes to most stories. But UGH. I love him, but Shakespeare is great at writing these plays where everybody thinks they’re so lovey, but the characters really all need to just get a grip. Some say that it’s actually not even a love story at all. Yes, Romeo & Juliet are clever & cute at times, but I’d totally ship Mercutio & Romeo over them any day.


So those are my picks. I’m ready to be yelled at now 🙂 I know a picked a few classics again, so in the spirit of my more recent reads, The Bone Season‘s romance is another one that I just don’t like. Which couples could you just never get behind? Do you agree with any of these?


29 thoughts on “Top Five Worst Literary Couples

  1. I’m team Peeta! :p
    I think she doesn’t choose Gale as his military tactic was used at the end of Mockingjay with awful results (I tried to be unspoilery there for people who dont’t know!)
    I’ve been reading lots of Greek plays this year at uni and every couple are awful couples!
    I always thought Bill Weasley and Fleur were an odd choice…

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    • I agree with the spoilery mention. But had it been a gentler world, maybe she wouldn’t have needed the more gentle guy I guess :/
      Which plays? Actually you’re right, there’s too many to count haha
      Bill & Fleur did seem a little out of left field. Kind of like she had to include a few more people pairing off. I would’ve liked it better if the wedding in the seventh would’ve been for Tonks & Remus. But I’ve grown so used to them, I guess I don’t mind.

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  2. I pretty much shrieked with happiness, THANK GOD there’s someone else on this planet who didn’t like Hermione/Ron and Katniss/Peeta! I always liked the idea of Hermione and Harry better as well as Katniss with Gale. So yay! I agree with you so much!! 🙂

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  3. Same as you I have always shipped Harry and Hermione! ❤ I would have loved it if they got together, but oh well… When I was reading the Hunger Games I didn't really care who Katniss ended up with. But you are right, we are all Team Finnick. 😉

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  4. Oh my gosh, yes! I’m so glad to see some of the couples on here especially R&J and Othello and Desdemona. It’s likely that never thought these ships going cannon because I don’t really appreciate Shakespeare’s works, haha. Too melodramatic for me (but maybe that’s the point sometimes).

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  5. Great list! From the beginning I always thought that it would be Hermione and Harry, so when I heard about Hermione and Ron, I was thinking ‘huh?’ Romeo and Juliet isn’t a love story, its seen as its tragic; they met in 24 hours and it was all over in 4 days! I think Shakespeare knew what he was doing.

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    • Thanks! Me too, I held out thinking Harry might have a chance way past when most people gave up. Yeah, I probably wasn’t clear, when I described why I chose them I said he’s great at writing plays that other people seem to think are love stories, especially younger readers. Which is awful because they’re horrible love lessons haha


  6. I loved Ron and Hermione as a couple and think they work well together. I did at one time think that Harry and Hermione would do well together but then saw throughout the books they just couldn’t be anything but friends. I also loved Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester. My worst couples would be Catherine and Heathcliff and Daisy and Gatsby. Heck Wuthering Heights is one of my favorite books but I can’t ship Catherine and Heathcliff. I am surprised they didn’t make your list. Daisy I hated she was a selfish witch. I felt sorry for Gatsby(hope I am spelling this correct it’s been a while sense I read the book)he deserved someone so much better.

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    • I knew somebody would say Daisy & Gatsby! When I was writing my best couples list I kept thinking to myself that they’re an awful couple really, but I liked them so much & really wished it could’ve worked. I never read Wuthering Heights in full, confession time haha. But I had to for classes at a time when other books were due, so I know the general outline. One day, I’ll get to it!

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