Top Five Best Literary Couples

Fictional romances are tricky because they have a duty to represent an epic, specific kind of love. They must display the larger than life feelings of being love, but be realistic enough that they’re still felt by the reader, still human. They must be tried & tested & whether or not the characters survive, their love must be the satisfaction that carries out our hope. I spent some time thinking about who my favorite fictionalized couples were. A lot of them were from movies, Moulin Rouge‘s Christian & Satine, or from history, Bonnie & Clyde, or even cartoon’s, Lady & the Tramp. But the literary ones could not be narrowed down, so I chose five. There are potentially spoilers in here, I guess? So read at your own discretion.

5. Aristotle Mendoza & Dante Quintana from Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

They met while they were young, so what? Plenty of great love stories involve young people. They’re great because they start out as friends & it slowly evolves. They also have that balance you see in couples that seem as though they’re total opposites, but you get them together & realize they’re actually similar. They’re just way too cute & despite societal bullshit, fight for each other, both literally & figuratively.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 8.04.20 PM

4. Elizabeth Bennet & Fitzwilliam Darcy from Pride and Prejudice

Despite having entirely different backgrounds these two just work. That could be because they’re both incredibly witty & probably a fun time. If there was ever a couple you’d want to double date with, it’d be them. They’re the OGs. They both have amazing character development that improves, most of the time because of each other. They both compromise to make their love work & that’s the realistic, but grand gesture needed to have the most ardent love they have.


3. Jay Gatsby & Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby

I kept denying it, but I must admit, I love this couple. You can argue Daisy doesn’t deserve Gatsby because, well, spoilers, she doesn’t choose him in the end. You can also argue Gatsby doesn’t actually desire Daisy the entire time & that he’s really in love with her wealth. I disagree, I think Gatsby is a little like that friend you have who built up the person they like so much in their head. They put them on such a pedestal that the person becomes the ultimate goal that no other people can match. I think under slightly different circumstances they could’ve been the It Couple of their time. What a shame. I still adore em.


2. Lily Evans & James Potter from the Harry Potter series

The couple that started a seven book series! Don’t you dare try to tell me Snape & Lily would’ve been a better couple, I will fight you to the death. We don’t even get many actual scenes with these two, but their epic love is spread all over place. Plus imagine what awesome, young, hip parents they’d be. Halloween will never be the same for readers who ship this deerly beloved couple. #puns.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 8.38.33 PM.png

1. Katerina Alexandrovna Shtcherbatsky (Kitty) & Konstantin Dmitrich Levin from Anna Karenina

Maybe it’s just because they survived when basically every other couple in the novel was doomed, but they’re damn adorable. They have their issues about jealousy & independence, but they’re open with one another. They have similar family values as well. Kitty stops calling him “nice” & basically friend-zoning (for lack of a better word) him, & he ends up making her happy. Kitty is what enables Levin to finally strive toward peace. The circumstances that bring these two together are the most intricate dances of fate in literary history.


Like texting, pre-SMS era…


Let me know if you agree or disagree with any of these. Who are your favorite couples? Do you ship unconventional pairings? What makes them a good couple to you, realism or lovey dovey happiness? & finally, to any Snape+Lily shippers, I’m sorry but you are so wrong 😉



29 thoughts on “Top Five Best Literary Couples

  1. What’s wrong with Lily and Snape? 😛 (Don’t hurt me, I don’t particularly ship them, I’m just curious. :D) Ron and Hermione are one of my favourite literary couples, no matter what J. K. Rowling says. They balance each other out so well. 🙂

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    • Haha, no I’m only joking. I just know there are a lot of people who think Lily+Snape was a better couple than Lily+James & I completely disagree. Based off of content from the books & statements JKR has said. It turns into a lot of hate for James, but I think he was actually a really great character.


      • Okay, fair enough! I just think Snape might have been equally good with Lily as well, had he not favored the Dark Arts. But yeah, James doesn’t deserve all that hate!

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  2. I love Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett. Really need to reread Pride and Prejudice again. I haven’t read Anna Karenina yet, but it’s on my TBR for this summer. Have you read War and Peace?


  3. Gosh! I can only relate to James and Lily Potter! (But well, I ship both Lily and Snape, and Lily and James. Can’t choose!) Classics don’t really work well for me but I will try this 2016. Love this set though!

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    • Oh no 😦 maybe you just need to find the right one! Some classics read like they were written just yesterday! But I’ve definitely read my fair share of ones that I don’t like


  4. Awkward when the only couple I know is James and Lily… But! I do KNOW OF 4/5 couples! I’ve always heard Mr. Darcy is absolutely charming but I have yet to read it since I’m not too into classics. However, it’s been rec’d to me so many times I might give it a try :).

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    • Definitely try it! Once you get far enough in it reads just like any modern day book would. The outline & everything is so similar to how so many YA books are written today. & yeah he’s quite the charmer actually 🙂


  5. I completely agree about Levin and Kitty – Anna Karenina and Vronsky was just doomed from the outside whereas Lenin and Lotty were a quiet, relatable love. And Elizabeth and Darcy should be a given on anyone’s list of favourite literary couples!

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  6. I read your post on the worst couples too – I don’t know all the couples on either but I liked the posts – a very interesting approach to literature. I’ve been thinking on doing a series of articles on literary heros.
    Thanks for visiting my blog at Bookheathen!

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