Book Gift Guide

So this post comes from my personal experience ordering books for my friends & family. Everything on this list is a present I actually ordered for somebody, or considered ordering. This being said, a lot of my friends don’t read (blasphemy, I know), so alot of these categories overlap on the same person. I do not have endless friends as this list suggests. But I stand by my choices.

I’m normally pretty good at picking out which books certain people will like, & for that I thank my time working in a bookshop with very picky customers. I tried to make sure most of the books were as recently released as possible, with some exceptions. Books make perfect gifts because if you find the right one, that person will never, ever forget you gave it to them.



(I’m going to “borrow” these)^


If your dad is like mine:

But if your dad is one of those “business” types:


She’s not into Fantasy otherwise these would be very different examples

The Brother I never had

Or anything else by these authors.

Little cousins

Pinkwater made some of my favorite books as a kid, he also made that ridiculous NYS standardized test question about the pineapple that doesn’t wear sleeves (ignore that reference if you haven’t taken a standardized test in Eastern US in the past ten years). But the other two are fairly newer.


That friend that doesn’t read, but wants to

Graphic novels are perfect for people who aren’t that committed to reading

My friend that doesn’t read, but like to look like she does

Coffee table books make great gifts for those who don’t read often

My musical friend

A book of lyrics, a fiction novel, & an autobiography.

My fashionable friend

Filled with beautiful photos inside!

My artsy friend

Cause adults need coloring books too

My drunk friend

Rosianna Halse Rojas mentions how you can tab one of the recipes & include the ingredients needed to make that cocktail along with the book as the gift

My funny friend

So hysterical. Plus The Awkward Yeti’s Instagram is gold.

My friend with anxiety

Is green supposed to be a calming color? I’m sensing a theme here…

My friend who read that one book back in 2011 & now everything I give her she compares to that one book & I can’t seem to find a book to match that damn book, so just get over it already…

The aforementioned book is The Secret History. I love it to, but she cannot live it down. Really, she should just watch Bloodlines off Netflix, it’s the same thing.

My friend who loves YouTube as much as I do

Check out their channels if you life under a rock: Tyler, Connor, Dan&Phil

My friend who only reads Harry Potter

But let’s be real, nothing can hold a candle to Harry Potter. Check out my Harry Potter Christmas Playlist too!

My sports friend

(I’m amazed I even have this category considering I am about as athletically inclined as a piece of fruit)

My Whovian friend

Been thinking about doing a Favorite Time Travel Books post…

& that’s the gift guide! Hopefully you find something on here you’d want to buy for somebody, or even yourself. If you think I should add a category, comment it & I’ll add some recommendations! Also let me know if you’re buying any books for family & friends & what they are, I need more ideas!

7 thoughts on “Book Gift Guide

  1. This is an awesome post! While giving books to my friends and family would be horrible, because they are non-readers and probably will never read the books I give them, I loved reading this post for the sake of the different areas/categories! It will help when finding books for my more bookish friends.

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