No Matter the Wreckage – by Sarah Kay

Sarah Kay is a spoken word poet most famous for these gems:

I think I love her poetry because there’s something New York about it. There’s something nostalgic about it. It’s about family & insecurity & love. There’s poems about objects, body parts, people, or poems inspired by other poets, places, history, & moments.

I’m going to list my top five favorites other than the ones shown above.

5. Open

My favorite quote: “I had never seen another person so up-close before. Things happen to God’s perfect aesthetic. Noses are mountain slopes, cheeks are fields, lips gape and pull, morph and stretch, we are no longer faces, we are landscapes.”

4. Astronaut

My favorite quote: “He thinks that scuba divers must have

the most wonderful job in the world.

So much water to glide through.”

3. Extended Development

My favorite quote: “The four of them lived in the house near the park:

the Girl Without Freckles, the Sweet Potato Boy,

the Basketball Father, and Darkroom Mother,

and they lit their candles and said their prayers

and the corners of their photographs curled.”

2. The First Poem In the Imaginary Book

My favorite quote: “just in case you do still think about

the way your hands used to piano-key

my spine”

1. Love Poem #137

My favorite quote: “I will love you with too many commas,

but never any asterisks.”

I think I’m going to try either Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz’s The Year of No Mistakes or Franny Choi’s Floating, Brilliant, Gone next. But I definitely recommend this collection! It’s accessible, humorous, & moving.


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