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Recently Setierah & I decided to collaborate on some blog posts, I did a blog post on my most enjoyable read which will be up on her blog soon. Make sure to check out her blog! Recently, I’ve been rereading books I’ve already torn through several times before. I normally go for comfort reads when I reread, so I feel nostalgic & happy, but I tend to get stressed that I’m not reading newer books or books that require more to think about. But it’s perfect for when I’m in a slump & want to get back to reading regularly. I’ve been wondering which books other bloggers reread so I asked Setierah if she could write about her favorite! Here’s her post:

Well first my name is Setierah from Slayer Of Ya Fiction and I would like to thank Alysyn from ReinReads for allowing me to collaborate with her and I absolutely love her blog, so I’m so happy to be doing this. But let me to get to the point, today I just want to talk about the one book that I have read so many times that it’s not even funny anymore. That book would be, drum roll please, Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Like what can I say, this book was the first to make me envious of the female interest, but let’s not get into that yet.

To start off, this book was absolutely enticing from the first word, while being very relatable that it was really crazy. I think the main reason this book caught my interest was based on the main character. The reason why is because she was a book blogger just like me, and was into YA fiction just like me, so it became an addiction to read something that related deeply to my true interest. Even though this part of the character wasn’t talked about as much as I wanted it to be, it was one of those things that you would remember without it being emphasized. But on to the next point.

I definitely re-read this book for lots of reasons, one being that I actually loved the premise of it while the characters pulled me in with their liveliness and uncontrollable humor. When the author mixed action, romance, humor and science, I basically was like sign me up! I think the cover with a seriously hot guy with that satisfying smug look on his face totally made me fall in love again but even better this time.

But also I think what made me read it over was me wanting to be in the world, like if I had to pick what book world I would live in, it would be this one. Definitely because of my favorite character. Damon made the experience more enjoyable because of his back-in forth banter with Katy and it just showed the readers how they are supposed be together even if they despised each other. But I’ll rewind to tell you who these people are: Damon is the main male interest who is the protective/ hottie across the street with an interesting ability, while Katy is the nerdy, cutie who just moved in across from him. It’s like boy meet girl with intense scientific life going on around them.

But let’s wrap up, I basically love this book so much that I did something out of my norm and read again and again, which is basically like my deepest darkest secret. The cover is absolutely awesome, which has totally contributed to my fangirling that you have witnessed right now and that’s the total truth. I have to say the characters have also made me want to read this book, no the whole series over again because they were basically living, breathing people that I interact with daily.

Like I’ve said I love this book, and I definitely recommend it to anyone because it’s something to talk about. I would like to thank Alysyn once again for this wonderful collaboration we did and I hope you guys love this post as much as I loved typing it out, while acting it out. Lol but seriously, I hoped you guys loved it and have a lovely day!! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Rereading Books | Collab with Slayer of YA

  1. It’s a curious thing for me that I’ve never actually re-read a book. I think the time-commitment turns me off regardless of my enjoyment as churning out reviews seems to come hand-and-hand with reading [more]. Though I will say that I’ve gone through plenty of adaptation re-watches (i.e. Harry Potter). Regardless, more power to you to read whatever you want, whenever!

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    • I definitely get the time commitment thing. I initially feel a little stress when I reread, but less stress when it’s at least a thought provoking book that I can get more out of the second or third time around. I feel guilty when I read Harry Potter because I know I mostly do that for comfort haha. But it helps me get back into the habit of actually wanting to read every free minute instead of forcing myself to read. Plus HP is pretty much irresistible in any media form haha


  2. I really need to hurry up and read that book! I swear some people are like hard core fan girls and I want to be a part of the club!
    I love rereading books!! I don’t usually do it for standalones, I usually do it for series right before I read the new instalment. I would hate never to get to re read my favourite books! Plus, you pay so much money for your books as if you only read them once and never touch them again!! Great review 🙂

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    • Omg, yes you should definitely read this book, I mean it is absolutely worth the hype it got and I really wish that everyone would give it a chance before seeing the science fiction genre on it, because it really is more than that! 🙂

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      • I’ve been more on edge about not reading it because I’ve been thinking it may be a bit Insta-lovie and I’m-an-asshole-but-you-fall-me-anyways! I still reallllllly want to give it a shot

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      • Well, lets be honest, half of the books that come out now are either I’m-an-asshole-fall-for-me-anyways love or Insta-love. But this book varies like it is insta but then the guy is an asshole, but the best part is you won’t get bored and you’ll actually really love the way the romance goes, trust me!


  3. Yes a collab! It’s always so fun to read about different people’s opinions on the same book! And I have to admit that I don’t usually follow by the rule ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ lol, so I’d love to pick this one up at first glance! (even though I just read this post, so I would probably read it even if it DID have an ugly cover hehe.

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