The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

I spend far too much time on tvtropes. Some of my favorite tropes are TooCleverByHalf & GentlemanThief, these books embody the epitome of these tropes.

Locke Lamora is exactly the kind of character I love reading. Clever, humorous, loyal, skilled, but all of these to a fault. I also adore books with a group of friends that share some sort of ridiculously tight bond, the kind you only really envision in fiction. The Gentleman Bastards, a group of intelligent thieves who design elaborate schemes to make their fortune, are so close, they’re brothers because they don’t really have any other family.

The world building is so well balanced. It’s described in thorough, but not overbearing, detail. There are two page chapters every now & then, devoted to specific history or mini stories of the culture within Camorr the island city they live in. These often illustrate the importance of little moments that would otherwise seem as though the characters were reacting too strongly to minor things.

The plot unfolds out of order, flashing back often, but I was always aware which place in time the characters were. There are plenty of hints & clues to major reveals later on. I’m sure once I read the others in the series, I’ll notice even more.

The book is a bit long, but the pacing is quick. The style matches the tone of the characters. Intelligent, but witty.

& lastly…the feeeeeeeels. No spoilers, but major feels.

Almost like Game of Thrones, but less of that EPIC STORY vibe & more, as some have described, Ocean’s Eleven.

I definitely recommend this to anybody who loves fantasy & banter. I need this whole series now please.

5 thoughts on “The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

  1. I’m so happy you liked this book!! It’s one of my favorite fantasy series of all time! I think the second and third book are even better than the first so hopefully you’ll get to read those soon.

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    • That’s so good to hear because I get nervous when I love the first in a series so much that the rest won’t live up to it. I need to buy them! Hopefully I’ll have a nice birthday book haul soon 🙂


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