My Thesis!

Hello! Quick post! My thesis is done! College level: complete √

you are a scholar are you not

Yay! Important for me, unimportant for the rest of you, but you should be happy as well! This not only means I will get back on track with posting, but will be accepting books for review again!

It also means my thesis’ digital project is done!

You can view it here: if you have any interest.

I recommend giving it a look, especially if you like Wilde or Fitzgerald since they were the main focuses of my paper. It won the Kay Kier American Literature Post-1865 award as well! But the site has a ton of fun interactive stuff, like videos, photos, & links to quizzes. (A lot of that fun stuff is on the Extras page or Dorian’s & Amory’s About pages.)

If you don’t have time for the full site, you can always follow the characters. Dorian has an Instagram & Amory Blaine has a Twitter.

Thank you to all my followers who have continued liking my spare posts here & there. I still have two summer classes, but I’m so happy to be graduating.


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