Cards Against Humanity Bookish Edition

This is a fun blog post that was inspired partially from this quiz, & this thing, & partially from drinking & playing too much Cards Against Humanity with my friends. If you’ve never played, go buy a box.

I thought about doing this several ways & ultimately decided on this one. Feel free to do your own!

You pick a book or series & match it to as many cards as you want.










Balls as in the tennis variety of course.


I seemed to have misplaced my Centaurs. card.

Other (though probably harder) ways to play:

Pick a black card & finish the sentence using a book title.

Pick a white card & match a book to the card.

Combine white &/or black cards to make a statement & match a book to that statement.

There’s a free downloadble PDF version for those who don’t want to pay to play.

13 thoughts on “Cards Against Humanity Bookish Edition

  1. This looks really fun! In risk of embarrassment, I admit I have never heard of “Cards of Humanity” until this post.


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