My 2014 Bookish Christmas Wishlist

This is my Wishlist for Christmas 2014! I love getting books as gifts. I feel more obligated to read them then too because somebody thought to buy it for me. But these are books I desperately wanted to buy over the year (or years), but never did for one reason or another. So in no particular order…

Survivor – Chuck Palahniuk: I own pretty much every title Chuck Palahniuk has written. I love his books. When people ask me my favorite authors, he is always mentioned. So since this is one of the few books by him I’ve never read, I need it. I need it now.

House of the Scorpion – Nancy Farmer: This book has some seriously great reputation proceeding it so I’m hoping it won’t be a let down!

Stardust – Neil Gaiman: I specifically want the gift edition because the cover is immaculate.

The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. – Adelle Waldman: This one came out in 2013 & I never went out & bought a copy. I still stand by the belief that I would like it a lot if somebody just gave it to me.

The Secret History – Donna Tart: Everybody loves The Goldfinch, but this seems like it’d be just as great a read.

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running – Haruki Murakami: I’ve read a handful of Murakami & no, I haven’t read 1Q84 or Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki. But I will! I just want to save those babies. I’m a eat-the-parts-of-your-plate-you-like-least-first-at-dinner type of person.

The Wonderbook – Jeff Vandermeer: This is one of those books that I will want forever, but probably wouldn’t buy for myself. It must be gifted to me because it is pretty & I want somebody to have that opportunity to make me smile.

A Visit From the Goon Squad – Jennifer Egan: How come all of my friends have read this but me? How did this happen?

The Steady Running of the Hour – Justin Go: I’ve yet to read any steampunk, this is as good a place to start as any.

Grace’s Guide – Grace Helbig: I watch her YouTube videos & if the humor translates into book medium for her, I think it’ll be great. I’ve read My Drunk Kitchen by Hannah Hart, a friend of hers & a fellow Youtuber, & I loved it.

Sailor Twain – Mark Siegel: I want to read more graphic novels. Plus I love mermaids. I mean I really love them. My Pinterest page has a whole pinboard dedicated to them.

The Circle – Dave Eggers: I’ve mentioned this is next on my Dave Eggers list in a previous review.

The Tenth of December – George Saunders: I’ve read some of the short stories in this & loved them. It would be great to just have the whole thing.

The Bone Clocks – David Mitchell: Because why don’t I own this already?

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